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• Mar 31, 2023 - 15:34

Hi folks!

I'm not sure entirely how to ask this question. But look at this example. Here is an original score from a real book:

their chart.png

and here is my MuseScore produced score to add the intro:

my chart.png

Mine is just harder to read from any distance. I know there are 1000 tiny adjustable settings in MS, but I don't really know which to tweak. And I don't want it looking like Frankenstein. I know the UI team has taken great care to make a very professional look with the defaults.

So what I was hoping was that there might be "well-managed" set of rules for getting a bolder, more readable (but still professional) look, either as a short list of steps of what to tweak and how much, or perhaps a convenient one-click feature in MS.

Thanks in advance!!

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Thanks for the replies!

Here are the changes I made:

1) Format > Style > Score > Musical Symbols Font > MuseJazz
2) Format > Style > Chord Symbols > Appearance > Style > Jazz
3) Format > Style > Text Styles > Chord symbol > Size > 16pt.

The result is below. Does it look any bolder to you? I don't think it does. Unless there's something more managed, I'm going to start messing with staff line thickness, note head size, etc. I was trying to not have to reinvent a wheel...

my chart - rev.1.png

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