MuseScore 4 playback

• Mar 31, 2023 - 19:37

I recently installed MuseScore 4 which worked fine for a few days. Today the function which plays the score is working badly. Notes are played twice, there's a sort of static crackle, it does little jumps. Was fine until this just started. I've tried rebooting my machine, I've uninstalled MuseScore4 and then reinstalled it and the problem remains the same. Any ideas?


Any changes in hardware? Connected or disconnected interface? Double check Edit>Preferences>I/O, and make sure the buffer is set to 4096. And that your actual audio device is selected. Not just "default device".

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No, nothing's changed. It just went from working to not. And when you drop a note into the stave, it plays three times instead of once. There are other little things that make me feel version 4 is a bit buggy so I'm going back to v3 when I've finished this score.

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