Vocals all sound the same?

• Apr 1, 2023 - 05:21

I made a small score to test all the vocals.
But it seems thet all sound the same.
Is this normal?
Thank you.

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Thank you!
I did not realize notes/instruments could be assigned a user selectable sound.
I also did not know that there is a huge multitude of sounds to select from.
This opens a whole new platform for creativity .
And I also now clearly understand why my different voices sound the same.
Thank you again!

Vocal soundfonts used in playback use recorded samples of (human) voices.
If you look at your tenor, baritone, and bass notes they are out of the vocal range. You show notes with lots of leger lines.
Clefs are used to keep notes (mainly) within the staff lines for instruments (or singers) with different ranges. Look in Staff/Part properties to view the (Amateur and Professional) pitch ranges.

Quality and realism of soundfonts vary.

Have a listen to this and compare to your attachment:
test vocals2.mscz

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