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• Dec 28, 2022 - 23:06

Hi guys,

first I want to tell something about the feature request side.
Normally I would check if a similar feature request already exist but since there is no possibility to search for feature requests, I haven't done that.
Such a feature would really make sense.

Now let us check my feature request:
I use multiple systems to work on my scores.
Because of that I love the possibility to save scores in the cloud.
But there is no feature to retrieve the scores from the cloud again.
The only possibility to modify the cloud scores is if you access them via the recent scores.
If I now switch to another system the recent scores are obviously not shown and since I am not able to access the scores stored in the cloud I cannot proceed working on them.


I was having the same problem. The solution is to access your musescore account online using your browser. You click on your user name and select "My scores". The score will load into your browser. Once it's open in your bowser, you select the download option and it will download the score to that pc. You can now open it with Musecore.

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If you download the scores in "Documents/MuseScore4/Cloud Scores" they will appear back directly in MuseScore.
Really too bad that we need this manual process. The cloud score list should be populated automatically from the cloud !

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