Cannot export audio in MuseScore 4

• May 29, 2023 - 03:54

Hello, I used to be able to export audio files from MuseScore 4, but lately, it is not working. Whenever I export an MP3 or WAV file, I go back to file explorer and see a file that is 0 kb in size and the file doesn't get any bigger even after a few minutes, so the export doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Is anyone else having this issue? And yes, I've thought about just exporting to XML and using MuseScore 3 instead, but my particular use case requires the new MuseScore 4 sounds, so that option is out the window. What else can I do? Thanks


As the export happens, you should see a progress bar. Why do you feel the need to go to the export location before it is complete?

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Thank you, Marc, for raising an issue on GitHub.

Just to update everyone else here, it turns out that the issue is purely that the screen reader isn't announcing progress indications in the export audio dialog, not that audio export isn't working at all. I did try audio export again yesterday and it did work, I just had to wait for like several minutes and I just had no way of knowing whether the export was successful or a failure.

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