Issues with MuseScore 4 in comparison of MuseScore 3

• May 31, 2023 - 12:39

Hello, I tried to download MuseScore 4, but I just ended uninstalling it because it's juste so not practical to use compared to the 3. Here are some questions I have :
- How do I put a text in bold, like a title ?
- Why is there no exit button for the little windows, like I put in the attached image ?
- Why aren't the played notes colored anymore ?
- How do I put a "_" after the lyrics ? When I use the key it just goes in notes mode.

I really don't understand why you have to change everything when there's a new version. It's really annoying for people like me who use MuseScore regularly and have my habits.


I absolutely agree. There are great new features in 4 but things have moved around too much and I can't find stuff when I need it. Also TABS have disappeared instead a new instance opens for every score, and on the forum that has been listed as a feature rather than a bug!
The worst thing is that when you save a file once in 4 you can never open it up again in 3!

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It's not exactly a "feature", although it is true that many users did request this and in general most user interface experts would call it a better way of working with large documents. But the real reason is to allow each score to have its own set of sounds, something that simply wasn't possible before. It was barely tolerable to force all score to use the same sounds when all we had were dsoundfonts, but it would be completely unacceptable with VST and Muse Sounds.

If you are on Windows, there is a bug where the window can appear in full screen mode when maximize. This is fixed for the upcoming 4.1 release, but meanwhile, simply use F11 or the View menu to exit full screen mode.

The mixer certainly can be closed, either by the "..." menu, or the Mixer button on the toolbar (which MU3 didn't even have), or the shortcut F10.

The controls for text formatting are in the Properties panel in the left sidebar.

If by "_" you mean a melisma line, simply type that character two or more times (as many times as there are notes being sung for that syllable.

Change is hard sometime, but you can't make improvements without it. The new locations for things are designed to be easier for new users to find and to be more self-explanatory and also easier to use, but it does mean learning some new things.

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