How can I get the MuseScore player to play ALL these notes in this measure?

• Jun 2, 2023 - 04:07

Hi everyone. I am reluctantly back again with another question. I have tackled a nightmare adaptation of a John Williams symphony. It will take me forever (sigh), but it will be great when it is done.

Anyway, several measures contain some very fast notes in 12/8 time. Here is one such measure:

Screenshot 2023-06-01 225457.png

Its got 11 notes played very quickly. Unfortunately, EVERY instrument in the MuseScore general soundfont I try, fails to play all the notes in the measure. Of the 1st six notes in the measure, all instruments skip over 3 of them. They all play the last 5 notes OK, but only 3 of the first six notes are sounded. This is not what I am hoping to achieve. Horns and strings are all used, and all of them miss 3 of the six notes.

I realize MuseScore has limitations, but is there something I can change to get the horns and strings to play all 6 notes in the first half of the measure ... some edit I can do? I'm grateful for your help. I have Polyphone and can even edit the instrument soundfonts in Polyphone if needed. Thanks.


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My fault. Re-listening to the test track and entering its faster tempo (see enclosure), MuseScore3.6 and 4.0 both played only 4 of the six notes in the first half of the measure. I would like to get it to play all six notes. Have a listen. Is there any notation I can make in MuseScore or Polyphone to get strings or horns to play all six notes at that 120 tempo?



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OK, I tried significantly boosting the velocity of the two 16th notes in the first 6 using the inspector to make them more audible, but I still can't hear them. I guess MuseScore has trouble with such fast notes. Any way to edit their parameters in Polyphone?

I can only speak to MU4 because I no longer have MU3 installed. Part of the problem with Muse Sounds is that there is so much reverb. I often have two scores for any given piece. One for musicians, which is almost never, and I don't post on .com. And one to get playback the way I want. In the case of your example, I halved all the note values. Then all the notes sound on the instruments I tried. But this not practical for posting.

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