How do I delete songs I don't want?

• Jun 5, 2023 - 00:53


If those songs are MuseScore files on your computer, use your OS (operating system) file manager to navigate to the folder containing the unwanted song(s).
Not knowing which song(s) in particular you mean, and strictly as an example, browse (or use Search) through the MuseScore (.mscz) files until you come to "Never Gonna Give You Up.mscz", and then delete it.
It's the same procedure you would use to delete text files, images, audio, etc.

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Maybe he/she meant the list of recent files or the listed files in the Start Center, where also scores are displayed that no longer exist. These are only links to recently opend files.
There is a command under "File open / Open recent ... / Clear recent files" to reset the list.
This command does not delete any files, it only clears the list (resp. the links). But also those that are existing and in use. They are still available and can be accessed by "File/Open" or by double clicking in the file manager.

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