Musescore 4 Sound export is incredibly crackly, especially on FLAC.

• May 28, 2023 - 09:08

I think this is a problem with musescore being unable to handle very loud sounds, but it's horrible nonetheless.
I'm having to put things at -12dB master just to have usable audio outside of musescore, but playback itself is completely fine, which is why I'm mainly annoyed. I won't know until I export whether my sound settings are good or not.

This is quite odd, why does musescore resort to popping and crackling audio for too loud sounds instead of normalizing them down?
This is the only audio software I know of that can't handle any sound over fortississimo at 0dB default settings.


You can select a compressor / limiter effect if you like, but MuseScore by default plays sounds as is. Normally the defaults should not clip, though. Are you using a VST that set too loud, maybe? If you are truly just using defaults and experiencing problems with some score, please attach it so we can investigate.

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I used your score to export a FLAC file and listened through headphones.
Sure enough, from 01:20 for about 10 seconds I could here crackling. And again from 01:43 onwards.

Note: I don't have Aegean Symphony Orchestra on my laptop, so that crackling must apply even to MS Basic?

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