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• Jun 8, 2023 - 13:07

Dyens uses these two stems (see below); is there a way I can add them into Musescore?



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OK, now I have tracked the stems down, how to actually add them to a score? When I select the note I want to change by notehead , and then select the stem, it attaches itself to a different note in an an adjacent voice. If I select the stem of the required note (which seems more logical) there is no visible change.

Plus, it would be good to have access to this facility via the Properties tab, which I can't seem to make happen. I've had to create a custom palette; not a big inconvenience, but not elegant.

Ah, and depending on exactly how it does work, it would be nice if the functionality worked for all stemmed notes, because it looks - on my experiments to date - they happily add themselves to any note, including full notes, on the left of the head & upwards

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I agree. Having adjusted the X and Y offsets of some example stems, I added the adjusted stems to a custom palette.

Expected result: the stem's horizontal and vertical offset values remain part of the stem when added to a score from the custom palette
Actual result: the stem's horizontal and vertical offsets are at the default positioning of zero (in effect: stem-up and to the left of the notehead)

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Yes, understanding the underlying mechanism clearly makes it a missing feature :-) As Daniel described it (actual vs expected behaviour) it did sound a bit buggy. I think I raised the feature request (#17943) originally on your advice, although I can't find that thread. I'm sorry I can't do it myself, but I think the learning curve might be a bit steep for the time I have free.

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