Musescore 4: Can't add tie to chord

• Jun 10, 2023 - 16:19

I can add a tie to single notes, but not to a chord. Is this not possible anymore? It seems to have been possible in the past according to the manual. Process: I select the entire chord and press 'T'. No tie is made.


In reply to by Botion

Normally you should already be in note input mode after entering the chord, then you simply press "T" to enter both the tie itself and the chord it is tied to. But if you've left note input mode for some reason then change your mind and decide you want to add a tie, you would either have to also enter the second chord then select the first and press the tie button, or simpler - go back to note input mode and press "T" there. Again though, normally you just press "T" while still in note input mode.

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