New Tab in MuseScore 4

• Jun 29, 2023 - 16:26

If I try to open a file in MS4 or create a new one when I've already got one going, (Mac version) I would prefer to have it make a new tab like MS3 did. Instead it creates a whole new instance of MS4. However, if I do a "quit MuseScore" at that point, it tries to quit ALL instances, so they are not completely independent. Is there some setting or something? Why would anyone EVER want two instances of the program running?


The technical reason to want separate instances is so you can have different sounds loaded for each - something not possible in MU3. Not a huge limited when all we had was soundfonts, but not really viable anymore. Unfortuantely, macOS doesn't handle this well like other systems do, so workarounds are being investigated. But I think all macOS users should petition Apple to support this better.

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It’s not a question of blame. As explained, it’s by design and quite necessary that MuseScore no longer forces all scores into the same window. It’s not Apple’s fault that that forcing all scores to use the same sounds would be a bad idea. But, as noted, the approach chosen to solve this problem, while working well in Windows and Linux, doesn’t work well in macOS. It would be great if Apple would fix that, but unfortunately that probably isn’t likely (especially if no one reports this to them as an issue). So as I said, alternatives are being investigated that solve the original problem but work better on macOS. So far, though, no one has managed to find a solution. No doubt it will happen in time.

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