Custom soundfont with multiple instruments, each on it's own program number in the sound font - how to tell the mixer this?

• Jul 5, 2023 - 16:15

Custom sound font, five instruments in it, each on a different program number. I can create a custom instrument (in this case a .drm template) and change the name, and set it to the soundfont in the mixer. But it always uses program 0. How do I tell Musescore which program to use with which instrument?


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That will make redistribution to other uses far more difficult than it is today. Today it's the soundfont, the instruments file, and couple of setting changes, and they have our instruments and everything is ready to go. Now I'll have several different soundfonts, several different .drm files, and probably several different template files, with more setup necessary on the authors to get the score ready.
At least I see a path. I will see how interested everyone is in trying it before I spend more days on it.

Thanks for your help!

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Just send a ZIP file containing all the needed components - drm, sf2, mss for style files, mscz for template, etc - in a single file. Place this in the MuseScore4 folder and unzip, and everything goes to the proper place in one shot. Shouldn't end up being anything more complicated for the user at all.

Btw, this situation is just temporary - the ability to select sounds within custom soundfonts directly will be returning. But for now these methods work well.

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