Saving a score as PDF cuts off parts if there's more than 16

• Sep 24, 2023 - 17:39

I'm trying out Musescore, but have found that whenever a score has more than around 16 parts the extra parts don't get saved when you save as PDF from the webpage.

(I'm talking about saving someone else's score from the website, not creating your own on the app.)

I've searched for solutions but can't find any, not even a way to shrink the score so it fits on the page. Does anyone know of a way around this? Or a way of choosing which combination of parts get saved?

Is this something you can solve when you join up properly? Wondering whether it's worth doing this, or just letting the trial expire.


If the score doesn't fit on the page size you have set you need to either change the size of the score or the size of the page.

Change the page dimensions in Format>Page settings

Change the size of the score in Format>Page>Settings scaling - this setting is the distance between adjacent lines of the stave. Everything else in the score is sized in proportion to this.

See for more details.

Come back here if you are still having problems and attach your score (.mszc file) so that we can see what settings you are using and advise better how to resolve your particular case.

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