A couple of basic questions. I have no knowledge in music...

• Sep 27, 2023 - 13:42


My daughter started playing the violin nearly a year ago. I have no knowledge of music myself, but try to learn alongside her.

I apologize for my complete lack of knowledge in the correct terms and expressions, but I hope you are able to help me help my daughter :)

She has got these scores that she should try to learn within a couple of months and I have no idea how they sound. Luckily I found MuseScore and was able to replicate the score. That way I am able to assist her in learning how to play. Fantastic tool.

Now a few questions

1 - When she get a new score we normally write on top of the notes how the note is played. An A on the a string is with 0 fingers (A0) a E on the A string is A4 (four fingers) and so on. I do not know if this is normal when learning to play but my question is if this is possible to automatically add in the scores I duplicate for her?

2 - I try to alter the tempo (initially set at 120) but I am not able to lower it. In the manual it is said to be F11, but that only makes the program go full screen.

3 - In one of the scores she got from her teacher recently the notes are written in another way than how I am able to display them in MuseScore - like this:

Canon rock 3.png

Does this matter? As you can see the final three notes in the bar are merged in MuseScore, while on the notes from her teacher only the last two notes are merged. Is this important? How can I split them so that the first of the three notes are alone?

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding :)


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