Is adding to a palette from the score working?

• Sep 28, 2023 - 03:27

Hi, I want to add two common text indications to my text palette, namely div. and unis. I read in the manual that you can add an element from an open score by pressing Ctrl+Shift and then dragging to the palette.…
I don't know what I could be doing wrong, but if I press Ctrl+Shift and then try to click on the element I want to drag, a no symbol appears (see image) and I can't do anything. (Yes, Enable editing is checked).
I saw some YouTube videos where this works on MS3, but it's not working for me using NuseScore 4.1.1 on Linux.

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Indeed! It works, thanks for pointing this out. I was confused because the behavior was different on MS3, according to the videos I found on YouTube.
I think the old behavior was more intuitive, the no symbol is a convention for something not allowed or not functional and doesn't seem to be very convenient in this case.

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There has been a change from 3 to 4. Dragging from either the master palette or the score onto a palette used to automatically add it. Now it simply doesn't work and shows the "can't drag-and-drop here" symbol, or the other commenter says we essentially have to add an empty slot before we can drop anything inside of it but I can't find a way to do such a thing.

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There hasn’t been a specific change, it’s just that dragging is a bit “finicky” and sometimes stops working temporarily. Try closing and reopening the palette, or the program itself.

You don’t need to create an empty slot - that’s not a thing. Just as in previous versions, a new slot is created automatically, when it’s behaving properly.

Drag and drop in 4.2 works fine. Master palette to regular palette. And score to palette. No need to create a space, either. The red circle doesn't stop you from movining the element.

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See Marc’s post above:
“ The "no" symbol appears as long as your mouse pointer is over a location in which drop would not work, and changes when the pointer reaches a legitimate drop zone. That's pretty standard behavior.”

It still catches me out sometimes until I remember!

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