• Oct 1, 2023 - 20:26

In my first experience with MuseScore 4 (after years with earlier versions) I was typing in a new score. Three pages in, the next note was to be tenuto D. Instead of hitting Shift-N, D I apparently hit Ctrl-N, D and wiped out all my work. That translates to New score, Don't save. I'm really bummed! I find myself wishing that New score (Ctrl-N) would start a new document while leaving the current, active one open (so editing two files at once, as it were).


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Upon redoing the whole score and making the same mistake two measures from the end, and then just closing the new file, the one I had been working on reappeared behind it. I had failed to notice that earlier. So then I found the first one behind that one. My oversight, but now I know better.

To be clear: Ctrl+N creates a new score, leaving your current score completely intact, just as it always has. It's just that the new score is in a new window. As always with multiple windows, newly windows might possibly obscure existing windows depending on the sizes of those windows; that's a normal part of how computer operating systems work. So this like how Shift+click of a link in Chrome or other web browsers opens the linked page in a new window but leaves your original page untouched.

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