MuseSounds Oboe "s̶k̶i̶p̶s̶" [delays] descending notes [edited]

• Oct 2, 2023 - 16:55

In preparing practice files for a chorale, I use the Oboe for Treble clef voices, but in a passage for Abbie Betinis's "In The Bleak Midwinter," I have to resort to converting the composer's eighth note to a 16th tied to a dotted 32nd with a 64th rest in order to the the following eighth note to sound [when it should]. Otherwise, it's as though the following (descending) note d̶oe̶s̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶ follows a sixteenth-note rest.

[In a later reply, I include a minimal case: a four-measure extract from the piece demonstrating the issue, at least for me. Your milage may vary.]

The image attachments show the composer's intent and the hack I resorted to to get the C following the (hacked-up) F to sound [on the beat].


Note: It is possible that I just don't know how Oboes work 🙂, but I think F5 to C5 on slow eighths is not outrageous.


I can't hear your pictures!

However, if I enter the notes you show in your "composer's intent" picture and set the tempo to quarter = 120 and increase it in steps to quarter = 300, using Musesounds Oboe I can hear every note clearly articulated at all tempi, even with lots of reverb added.

Please attach your score (.mscz file) and indicate which measure demonstrates the problem, what tempo you are using and what mixer settings you are using.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, I don't have the rights to distribute Abbie Betinis's work. What I should do is create a score containing only the measures pictured above, along with the other info you requested: quarter=66; MuseScounds Oboe; Reverb off; FX: Compression: Pop Vocals level 9 (only because I haven't been through all the compressor settings).

More tomorrow…

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Thank you for your patience.

I removed all compression and reduced the sample to two copies of m69, one as composed and one as hacked in order to eliminate confounding factors.

When I play the attached, I hear that the C5 sounding, but delayed about a sixteenth note and at a lower dynamic.

With other parts playing (this is a soloist with SATB Piano), I couldn't hear it because I was expecting it on the beat at full volume.

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Thank you, but as I noted before, the issue is that the note is delayed, not that it isn't sounding at all: the four-measure score that I attached demonstrates the issue, at least for me.

I will try bumping up the buffer, but I'm abandoning Muse Sounds for other reasons: it's impossible to remove the reverb (and, according to Tantacrul, will be so for some time). They sound pretty, but are not great for choral practice files, where precise timing of (especially of cut-offs) is paramount.

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