Musescore stretch bug

• Oct 2, 2023 - 19:44

So every single time I add another note to my piece, musescore decides to give a "f*** you" and stretches the hell out of the screen and zoom out (as seen in the photo, or worse) making me zoom in, "ctrl + A", and "shift + {" every single bloody time (seriously- for every single change I make).
This isn't happening to this score only, but it most certainly is worst in it

Anybody knows a way to disable this auto stretch?

*Side note:
(Please don't say something like "reset musescore" or "redownload musescore" or "copy the file and use the copy" or a combination of any of them, as I already have).

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Looking at your screenshot there appears to be some notation that looks like it was dragged down and off the first page:
So, instead of using 'Page view'. try viewing the score in 'Continuous view (horizontal)':… see if any score element(s) show weird positioning and need to be properly re-positioned..

Otherwise, attach the score to your post.

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I can reproduce the problem as stated

A bit of experimentation shows

  • the problem seems to occur with any editing action but only in measure 15 or later.
  • saving and reloading after the problem occurs seems to restore the correct appearance but further editing makes it screw up again.
  • Selecting everything and resetting positions does not resolve the problem
  • Selecting everything and resetting beam properties to AUTO does resolve the problem but leaves the beams in an unwelcome state.
  • Creating a new score and copy/pasting from the original score results in another score with identical behaviour.

I looked on Github and did not find anything similar. I suggest you should report this there as a new issue. Follow this link and use the New Issue button.

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