deleting measures causes crash

• Oct 4, 2023 - 15:59

When trying to delete the last 2 empty measures of this piece, musescore crashes.

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I don't use MuS 4, so I can't reproduce your problem. At least 3.6.2 has no problem with it (except for the measure repeat characters of MuS 4).

What command do you use to remove the last two measures? There are two possibilities (afaik):

  1. Tools / Remove empty trailing measures
  2. Select the two measures and press Ctrl+Del.

To continue try the attached score that was saved with 3.6.2. (Hopefully the measure repeat signs you used were only single measure repeats.)

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I use cmd+delete, same thing for mac. I tried using the remove trailing measures tool and it deleted one but kept the other, and trying to manually delete that caused it to crash again. Same story after duplicating the file and using the copy. Your file worked but there's some minor formatting discrepancies that I could adjust, but would obviously prefer to not have to do so I'll wait for a bit to see if there's any other solution first. thanks

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