Musescore 4 imports musescore 3 score weirdly

• Dec 2, 2023 - 10:50

I've attached a score which I created in musescore 3. Musescore 4 claims to read it. but when i try to play it it sounds nice until measure 14 where it goes crazy.

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Sonata BWV 1027 Presto.mscx 497.67 KB


In MU4, don't use tr. Use tr with the trill line. Then the file plays correctly.
Don't use tr on 8th and 16th notes. Use a mordent or short trill or something like that, instead.

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Maybe. But with all the things that need to be fixed, it seems to me that something that could be taken care of by proper notation would be pretty far down the list. There is proper notation to use on 8th notes.
I recall a short time back that someone had a band score. Towards the end, a tuba note sounded and was held until the end of the piece. Turns out that in the middle of the score, well before the held note, there was a pizz marking in the tuba part. It didn't affect playback right away, but it did much later. The pizz mark shouldn't have been allowed, either. And for the most part it wasn't. The tuba didn't play short notes. The point is that using proper notation ( in this case removing the pizz ) fixed playback.

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