Cannot resolve the beats in a single measure - half are in 7/8 when they are supposed to be in 3/4

• Dec 3, 2023 - 22:32

I have a single measure in an arrangement that I cannot get to resolve. Everything should be in 3/4. At measure 26, the horns are playing a figure and play into measure 27, all good. The piano, chord chart, and bass were originally written simply in 3/4 but now have an eighth note rest that I cannot get rid of. This makes the bat 7/8, even though the horns in this same bar are in 3/4. I have tried working in measure properties but if I change the piano, chord, chart, and bass to 3/4, the horns get changed to 5/8. They are locked together some way. And it is only this single measure.

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I have tried another way (MuS 3.6.2). This may be a bit easier than rewrite all notes of measure 26:

  • Delete that extra eighth-note rest with Ctrl+DEL; now the measure is too short (5/8) and all notes on beat 3 become an eighth-note.
  • Extend the measure length back to 3/4 (or 6/8)
  • Select all eighth notes on beat 3 and change them back to quarters.

Of course, this only works if all notes on beat 3 have the same duration.
You could also insert a measure beforehand and make a copy of it to make it easier to compare whether the result of the action is correct.

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