Playback is the incorrect speed and height/pitch

• Jan 7, 2024 - 20:26

Same as here: music playing too high-pitched | MuseScore

Depending on the output audio device I set in Musescore, the playback is either too slow and low, or too fast and high. I couldn't find a single device that works.

Using Musescore 4.0.2 with Muse Sampler Library 0.5.1
Windows 11, CPU AMR R7 7700X (8 cores), 32GB Ram, plenty of SSD storage.

I attached my diagnostic files. I also tried factory settings.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

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4.0.2 ?

Somewhere there is an audio system setting that needs to be changed. Could be anything. Buffer, bit rate, Exclusive mode, to name a few.

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Sorry I meant 4.2.0.

Changing the buffer size had no audible effect.

I tried disabling exclusivity options, it didn't seem to do better. I also meant to try different Hz, but the speaker device I was testing didn't offer that option:


Interesting enough however, from the Sound window, I used the contextual menu to Disconnect and Connect again the device, and then open Musescore again, the playback is normal.


So I fixed the issue for that device that way. My headphones don't have connection options, but I could disable/enable them, then change them to 41KHz, reboot Musescore and they worked.

However, I use a software (Steelseries Sonar) to manage my audio, and I'd ideally like to use that as output. But this one doesn't offer ways to use any other frequency than 96KHz. Is there a way o go around that on Musescore's perspective?

Also, the above solutions seem quite unreliable, as sometimes the problem comes back if I change any audio I/O setting on MuseScore's end or if I switch between my headset and speaker, requiring to reboot MuseScore or sometimes redo the device "refreshing".
Also I noticed that when the problem comes back, it doesn't necessarily use the same wrong speed as before 🤔 IDK if that's helping.

Posting today's session logfiles:

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Glad you found something, at least. And no, you can not change audio devices while MuseScore is running. And that goes for most notation software that I know of. Just not like other software. So it is a question of adjusting your computer to MuseScore much more than the other way around. And leave exclusive mode off, anyway.

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