MIDI interpretation errors

• Mar 29, 2024 - 02:25

When opened, the attached MIDI file looks good until measure 24 or 25, where the time signature changes to 6/4. After that it is a hot mess. You should be seeing lots of eighth notes, dotted eighth-sixteenth and quarter notes. Instead there are a few notes, lots of rests and multiple voices. When the time signature changes back to cut time the rendering again looks good.

This file looks good when viewed in a MIDI sequencer (Sonar), so it appears MuseScore is being very confused by the 6/4 time. Is there something that can be done to get MS to interpret it correctly?

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LaChremasca.mid 10.06 KB


I tried exporting this file as XML and when opened in MS the 6/4 section looks good. However, the pages are formatted with no right border and other dimensions look rather off. Is there some way to reformat the file to look more typical?

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LaChremasca.xml 391.14 KB

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