Grace notes in multiple voices - workarounds

• Mar 8, 2024 - 06:37

I'm hitting two issues in a piano work that I'm re-engraving

  1. Grace notes in multiple voices can't be made to co-occur (even by adjusting offsets or disabling auto-place)


  1. Grace-notes won't slur or tie to notes in differing voices (e.g. a chordal grace note that might tie to multiple voice-lines)

Does anyone know of work-arounds for these, short of pasting in images of notes?


bump ! i’ve been meaning to ask the same question. i’m engraving a scriabin piece and there’s this nasty little fella that i can’t seem to replicate.

in the meantime, there is a hack you can do:
write the grace note/s you wanna have in the different voicing, then offset it/them by 0.9sp. if they are the same note like in my case, hide the noteheads and turn play off. however, in your case, if you want the notes to play correctly, you may want to write the lower notes in the same voicing, hide those noteheads, then shorten the stems. turn play off for the notes in the other voicing.
i was able to get this to work, but again, it’s a bit of a hack.

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I couldn't offset the gracenotes in one voice without them being moved in the other voice.

I fell onto something that worked: create the notes in different voices and then move them into the same voice, remvoe the bar that is added, and then I was able to offset the note in the lower voice. Didn't have to hide any noteheads.

Still extremely painful to do repeatedly as Musescore doesn't honour layout when copying some items.

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