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• Dec 22, 2023 - 15:55

I've been using 4.1 almost daily for a couple months with no problem, working on a string quartet. My system meets the minimum requirements for MU4, a 2020 Macbook Air. Three weeks ago I needed to take a break. When I logged back in on Monday this week to work on the quartet, I noticed the playback was uneven for Muse Sounds voices. It sounds like certain instruments are missing their beats and rushing to catch up. It's more predominant when playing sustained bowed notes; not a problem for staccato or pizz. This does not seem to happen with default MIDI. I thought maybe this was related to my system audio, or buffering, but what's strange is that the uneven rhythm persists even if I create an .ogg file. I've attached a sample of the score and the .ogg. Note in particular the two 4-beat eighth notes in the second violin - they sound like a 16th note and a dotted eighth, or maybe even a 32nd.

I tried updating to 4.2, and maxing out updates for my Macbook, and the problem has been the same. Regarding the buffer, I seem to have 1024 as the only buffer size available - unsure if this is a limitation of my hardware or if there's a way to manually increase that.

Any idea what's going on here?

Many thanks

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Make sure your Muse Samplers has been updated to 0.5 or later - see Diagnostic / Muse Sampler / Check Muse Sampler and then run Muse Hub to do the update if it's still older. There was a known bug in a previous version fixed a week or two ago.

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I've been having this issue for a long time, and this is the first actually helpful sounding conversation I've found. Unfortunately, my MuseScore says it's already at Muse Sampler 5.1, so I'm not sure what to do now. The instance I'm running into now is the worst example I've encountered so far, with a steady alternating quarter note rhythm for trombone being played as 16 note, double dotted quarter note instead.

Edit: I meant to reply to the comment before yours, oops... I guess this still works though.

Edit 2: I just noticed I had a Musescore update available, so I installed it. The playback is substantially better now, but still very noticeably off. (and an unrelated problem unfortunately also wasn't fixed, which is that trombones don't seem to be able to slide between most notes, even with the glissando settings adjusted correctly, which really should be more obvious to start with...)

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Muse Sounds only supports portamento for the specific notes on the specifics instruments where it was sampled - unlike soundfonts, it doesn't "fake" the sound.

Anyhow, if you are experiencing some sort of playback problem, best to start a new thread and attach the specific score and more details, including your OS and and audio specs.

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