Does Musescore 4.1 now support Count-in?

• Jul 12, 2023 - 21:32

It's all in the title!


I'm answering myself:
still no count-in in MS 4.1!
It would be urgent to get this function back! It's this lack that keeps me on Musescore 3 in production, whereas the VST and FX management is absolutely brilliant on MS4!

Is there a way to vote for enhancement requests. I would vote for this one big time. What I am doing now is creating in MS4.1 and exporting to musicXML which MS3 can read. Then I practice in MS3.

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I have a couple reasons for not wanting to develop in MuseScore version 3. I was unable to find a 3.7 download on the download page. I did find it in GitHub but I don't want to go through the process required for a GitHub download. Also, I prefer to develop my scores in the latest version of MuseScore.

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