Tie placement of eighth notes is infelicitous particularly with eighth notes

• Apr 21, 2024 - 21:47

I am working on a score where I prefer the eighth-note beams to be broken (click note, go to "Properties", "Beam" select "no beam" for both notes). Cool. These notes do need to be tied together, so I do that. However, the placement of the tie is inconsistent and is therefore less than felicitous.

The circle (well, square) at "a" in my screenshot is what it should be — I realized that somehow I hit "s" instead of "t", hence the initial discrepancy between the "ties" which led to this post. The same with a star is what happens as a default placement of an actual tie. I'm noticing that ties and slurs are better than in MS3, but they're constantly in the way of stems and dots in a way that looks, well, sloppy, but this is not the right score as I have no examples of where the dot of one note is covered up by a tie in the same or in another voice.

Anyway circled with two stars is what happens when I adjust the tie in Properties (an actual tie, not a slur): it doesn't look quite right, but it's correctly positioned on the y-axis.

Playback is affected, of course, which isn't a problem for me, because I know what's supposed to happen here (and on paper, of course it looks almost exactly like a tie; I'm not sure that a slightly thicker tie is all that noticeable).

Maybe I'm all alone in thinking that the default placement of a tie should be above the stems of eighth notes and not in the way of the flag! I could, of course, put the tie underneath, but having the option to cleanly put the tie above the notes is important to me as well… (I'm on 4.2.1 for Mac, although I suppose that this isn't really a new problem at this point.)


So,....2 things come to mind.
I can't tell from you image that there is any need for tied 8th notes. Unless it is personal preference. I think as it is, is harder to read.
I also can see any "tie" in with your score.

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It’s not really an answer because the conflict remains.

Now, sure some people clearly don’t share my preference. But the ties are all over the place. The cross-staff tie bug isn’t ready. So my work has looked bad for months. I am running out of patience here.

But even as you prefer a quarter note, and I refuse to use one for reasons that don’t really matter, it’d be nice if you could step back and say “gee, maybe that guy has a point about the clash”.

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But it is a clash brought about by your preferences. If you want to see a change, you will need to put together a complete, concise, reproducible plan to present on GitHub. You need a good defense for why this is needed. Not just that you want it this way. I'm only trying to help to tighten this up.
Still waiting for an explanation for the mscz file.

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