MuseScore bass clef playback

• May 23, 2024 - 21:22

I have a simple song that I transcribed and entered in MuseScore for piano.
During playback within MuseScore, I would like to turn the sound off (Mute) the Bass Clef OR the Treble clef.
I have tried hiding the Bass clef, under instruments. Yes it hides the clef, but the Notes on the Bass Clef still play when I test things within the software.
It would be nice to be able to turn the Bass Clef sound off, Because some of the simple songs I have for learning, only play the Treble Clef (melody) notes. And it would be nice to compare what the sound should sound like, to what I am playing on the keyboard.
So the question is: "Is there a way to mute the sound from the Bass Clef?"


Use two pianos, one for the treble clef and the other for the bass clef. You can then mute one of them in the mixer.

Another perhaps simpler possibility: select the entire bass clef (and only the bass clef). Go to the Properties tab and uncheck the Play checkbox.

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And another simple possibility. If you select a measure in one staff and hit Play, it plays only that staff. This would allow you to play only the treble clef and, one click later, play only the bass clef.

However, on experimentation, I found that this does not work on a Grand Staff. It does if you have two separate Piano staves. If you have an orchestral staff (arranged in the standard order), this will let you play, for example, all the strings or all the brass, by selecting the staves holding the strings or the brass. Apparently MuS considers a Grand Staff as a single item in this respect.

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