Change the font size in tempo markings?

• Aug 27, 2014 - 11:32

I am (in general) able to change text (such as the 'Title' and 'Lyrics' and certain of the Dynamics such as cresc and rall etc) I can right click and then click Text properties/then change the font or bold etc)/then OK or Apply.
But what about Tempo? - if you right click on any tempo you have added, say at the start of the score, such as Andante Sostenuto, you get Tempo properties but no Text properties is shown. As Tempo properties is for btm, it is not of use here. Lets say I want to change the from 12 to 10?
Alternatively, if I double click and try to change the font size or bold etc, it does not change the size/bold etc- it stays the same.
I also have struggled with changing font etc for Copyright - again no Text properties shows up after the right click? And after double clicking and changing, it does not change the copyright font etc.
Any suggestions would be welcome! Many thanks


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