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• Nov 15, 2014 - 18:20

Being new the only way I can see at the moment to create chords is to associate the notes with the cntrl key.

1. Has anyone produced a "set" of chords so I can copy them from the "set score" onto my own score?

2. Is there a proposal to select any of the chords from the menu at the left?

I am using V2.0 and trying to create a piano score with the chords on the bass.



Not quite sure what you mean here. When you talk about chords, do you mean chord symbols like "C7b9" etc? Entering those is as simple as clicking the first note over which you want one, Ctrl+K, then start typing - C7b9, then space to move to next note/beat or tab to next measure, then type the next chord, etc. You are not limited to any sort of list of predefined chords - pretty much anything you care to type will be accepted.

Or maybe you mean chords as in, several notes all on the same stem. Those are entered by holding "Shift" while typing the letter of the note you wish to add to the current chord.

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Thanks, I am finding it very fiddly with the cursor pad entering notes so the short cuts are useful. I suppose I could generate a "blank" score with all the commonly used chords ready for copying at the end. It would be useful to have a menu to do it though with inversions but perhaps being a beginner can't see the need for not having this facility!

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I am still not really sure what you are talking about The cursor keys should never need to be used when entering chord symbols, and they are only used for accidentals when entering notes. So somehow, I think you must be doing something wrong. But I still cannot tell what it is you are trying to do or how you are trying to do it.

It would help if you attached the score you are having problems with (use the File Attachments link below where youtype your post, and attach the MSCZ file), then describe *exactly* (step by step) what you are doing.

BTW, have you watched the tutorial videos on the main page? They are very helpful for learning the basics of how to use the program.

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