Drumset Playback Issue

• Dec 22, 2014 - 15:23

Whenever I playback the notes I have entered using either the 5 line or 3 line drumsets, there is a crackling/popping sound that occurs with a lot of the notes, almost as if those notes are clipping, though they occur regardless of the volume level. The crackling does not occur for notes that I have entered for other instruments (piano, violin, etc.). I have tried getting rid of the reverb on both the mixer and synthesizer menus, and the problem still occurs. I have tried playing the wav file of the song on my wife's computer and on my phone and the crackling still occurs. I am currently using version 1.3 of musescore, and my wife and I both have windows 8. Curiously, the crackling does not occur when I listen to the song as a midi file.



There is indeed a known issue with the sound of some drums in 1.3, a kind if harsh start and/or stop to notes. It seems to be fixed in the beta and nightly builds of 2.0.

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