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• Jan 27, 2010 - 19:23

Running the 0.9.8 pre-release 2438 Linux version on Ubuntu 9.10.

I have a template for barbershop music (Tenor, Lead on treble cleff and, Bari, Bass on bass cleff). If anyone wants it, I'll submit it as either a .mus, .xml or ,xml.mscz file.



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Thanks, but I don't see the need for having a lot of measures already specified with clear breaks. Also, when I opened it, the parts weren't labeled. Finally, the barlines generally do not go through both staves in barbershop. It was easier for me to just start my own template, and actually it took less than a minute.

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Sorry it didn't meet your expectations, but it was pulled from FINALE as an .xml file and was available and downloaded from the Barbershop Society website. When opened on FINALE, it has the parts labled. A problem with MuseScore????

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Well, two simple things: no xml file or any type of cross-program format will be very good unedited as a template for a dedicated program. That said, my guess is that exporting and importing out of and into the same program will always do better than when changing programs. But I also expect that MuseScore's xml import has room for improvement.

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