Tied note after a coda

• Jan 24, 2015 - 16:06

How do you tie a note when it's been moved elsewhere in the score eg. after a coda or repeat. I've been using a slur and resizing it. Is this the only way?


Not the *only* way, perhaps, but as good as any other (eg, placing it as a symbol or text symbol and sizing/positioning it manually). One-side ties not supported directly. There are the beginnings of some partial support implemented in 2.0, but still no really good way to do this.

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Thanks Marc. It works this way.

I'm not a programmer. It's way above my head, but the complexity of things done in Musescore leads me to believe there must be a way.

If you laid out the measures, key and entered all the codas and repeats, it seams, the note entry, at that point, should go to the tied note. Just my feeble brain at work.

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The problem is, MuseScore can't really follow all combinations of repeats and codas, and there might be times you need these one sided ties for other reasons that have nothing to do with repeats or codas. So what we need is a simple command that just creates a one-side tie, and that is what we don't have. However, *if* we could create them, there *is* code in version 2.0 to *display* them. It's possible to kind of trick MuseScore 2.0 into letting you create these sometimes, but I have found depending on what else you do, it might delete them later, so it's best to not rely on that until this is all sorted out.

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