WIndow scrolls during secondary click—context menu disapears—FIXED

• Jan 25, 2015 - 00:22

On my laptop, the secondary click function is attained by holding two fingers down on the trackpad and clicking. Since two fingers are also used for scrolling, and scrolling traditionally dismisses any open context menu, the two-finger scrolling function is supposed to be disabled while a context menu is open. But so far in MuseScore 2, this isn't working right. As a result, every time I secondary-click, I can't help dismissing the context menu in the same motion.

EDIT: Never mind. Fixed, more or less, in the latest nightly build. (It's still weird that you can scroll away from the place you clicked while the context menu is displayed—better if scrolling was disabled while the menu was open—but the worse issue is fixed.) Sorry if I bothered anybody.


I've been thinking about this more. It's such a small thing—but soon they're going to stop making small changes. So, I'd like to ask that, while a context menu is open, scrolling be disabled. The score should hold still. Reasonable enough?

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I'm not quite followng. Could be something Mac-specific. For me, two finger tap brings up the context menu, and then my finger is off the touchpad. At that point, I don;t see any way to scroll the score. Trying a two-finger swipe does nothing until I dismiss the context menu. I can't see any way to make the two-finger tap or swipe scroll the score or dismiss the context menu, except by doing a two-finger tap somewhere else, which replaces the original context menu with another, just as I would expect.

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2009 MacBook (not Pro). Trackpad has one section for sliding fingers on, and a separate section for clicking—so a secondary-click is basically you touch with two fingers and click with your thumb. Then two fingers to scroll. But I also tested this on a desktop iMac (2011) with an Apple Mouse. An actual right-click brings up the context menu, and the scroll ball in the middle still functions.

By the way, is there any way to rename this thread so it doesn't say "FIXED"?

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