Tabulatur makes problems getting the correct rhythm-notation

• Mar 22, 2015 - 17:21

(Sorry, I can't make this one a good bugreport, since it is somehow complex and may need some discussion.)

I make some tabulatur for 6-string-guitar with the "Guitar Tabulatur" template (added rest-display for screenshot.)
GIT commit: c68b108

A showcase:
Lets make a quarter note (4/4 measure) on the first beat and a eighth note as last eighth note possible in this bar (this means the last Off-beat = "4+"):
1. I hit "n" for Entry mode.
2. I use the arrow keys to choose the right string and hit a number "3" to get the first quarter note.
3. then I push the "arrow right" and step to the next beat.
4. click on the symbol of the eighth note
5. step to the last possible beat in the measure (the third beat in fact)

Now there is no simple way to get to the last off-beat in the bar. I found no way to change the half note in edit-mode by changing the duration back and forth.

Three Ways that I found:
6. hit "3" to write a eighth note on the wrong position and "Shift+Arrow right" to shift it to last off-beat

problems with this result (see screenshot bar number 4): This leave some unusual rests behind (quarter note, eighth rest, half rest, eighth note). But the eighth note is still on the fourth BEAT in fact and not on the OFF Behind. It is lightly to far away from the bar line (compared to sreenshot bar number 3) and when was played on the fourth beat.

6. hit "3" to write a eighth note
7. "arrow right" to the last position in the bar (the fourth beat in fact)
8. do step 6+7 again (see screenshot bar number 2)
9. leave edit-mode, mark all things between the first an the last digit an delete it
problems with this result (see screenshot bar number 3): It's a long way to get the result. Usability is not intuitive.

6. leave edit-mode "ESC"
7. choose half rest on the third beat
8. click eighth note symbol
9. choose last quarter rest
10. click eighth note symbol
11. hit "n"
12. hit "3" to insert a "note" (see screenshot bar number 1)
13. choose the eighth rests an delete it
problems with this result (see screenshot bar number 3): It's a long way to get the result. Usability is very detailed.

Some ideas:
a) How about changing the rest when the duration is set (step 4)?
b) And how about the rests when going right (with "arrow right") change to this duration (quarter rest -> two eighth notes; half rest -> four eighth notes)? May be they can be converted back (two eighth notes -> quarter rest) when the focus switch from the "2+"-Offbeat to the third beat.
c) How about having "rest displayed" for the standard tabulatur in the template "Guitar Tabulatur". This will prevent first-time-users from mistakes.
d) Is there a rule or guideline for the rests to respect the halfs of a bar is not merged in rests (or notes). Like the rules for a note or rest pointing over a bar line.

Keep up the great work for musescore 2 and thanks for all efforts
kindest regards

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I'm not quite sure I follow, but it seems to me at no point did you describe actuaslly entering rests. Instead, you seem to be simply trying to use the arrow keys to move to the right, but thast doens't enter rests - it just moves through the rests already present. You need to enter the specific rests you want in tab just as surely as you do in standard notation. If your goal is to end up with quarter note on beat one and an eighth note on the "and" of 4, that means you need two quarter rests and an eighth rest after the initial quarter note. So, just as with standard notation, you need to enter that that way. So after entering the quarter note and moving to the next position with the right arrow, press ";" twice to enter two quarter rests, then switch to eighth note duration then press ";" again to enter the eighth rest.

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You're right. I did not input any rests. I started with the "Guitar Tabulatur" template and did not see any rest. The "0" belongs in tab notation to an empty string, of course. And the rest-symbols are grey and unclickable. So I struggled into this missunderstanding. The ";" was new for me. But it works.

Referring to idea c) it would help to see what I'm doing with the rests in Tab notation. May be the standard config for this template should be changed.

I looked through the Shortcut list, but can not get the clue, what I do in case #A when I hit "Shift+left". It seems to invert the thing marked with the thing left and lead to an buggy bar.

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Shift+left takes the current note or rest and exchanges it with the one to the left; Shift+right exchanges a note or rest with the one to the right. What do you mean "buggy bar"? If you see a case where it doesn't do what I just described, can you post precise steps to reproduce?

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quote: can you post precise steps to reproduce?

start new sheet with "guitar tabulatur"-template
do step 1-4 and 6 from Case #A
Let me describe what I see:
with the rest displayed I proceed through the following positions:
after step 3: quarter note, quarter rest, half rest
with step 6: quarter note, eighth note, eighth rest, half rest
quarter note, eighth rest, eighth note, half rest
quarter note, eighth rest, half rest, eighth note

Buggy Behavior is mentioned under #A, too.
In addition:
You can see the different position in the bar 3+4 in screenshot. When I choose the half rest and (not in edit-mode) click an quartercan you post precise steps to reproduce? note duration in symbol menu above, one quarter rest appear before and one behind the note.

if this not precise enough I can length the describtion and upload the musescore file.

In the default guitar TAB style ("Tab 6-str Common"), rests are not shown because this style does not show rests.

If you want to work on rests (and this is rather common indeed, while writing music!), it is better to have them displayed.

For this, change to the "Tab 6-str Full" style (working with staff styles is documented here ).

If you prefer to publish or use your score under a specific style which does not show rests, you may change it at any moment.

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It is great to have an active community around musescore. Thanks for your comment.
I had found the "Tab 6-str Full" style and where to check the box, to display the rests in any style.

And as you stated, rests are important if you write music. IMHO the templates which are "TAB-only" should use a style including the rests be displayes. Otherwise your result is capable of being misunderstood. Even while writing.

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