"cannot read....bad format" error following a Musescore crash

• Apr 12, 2015 - 10:42

I started to modify a drum score from an imported Midi file. Saving and opening was OK until I attempted to add "Info", in "Score Information" for arranger, composer, etc. Musescore then crashed and I cannot recover the score, getting a "cannot read...bad format" error. I searched the forums and renamed the file as a zip to extract the .mscx file, but I can't open that . I've also tried renaming the ".xxx.mscz," file (renaming without the comma) as I believe this is a backup file (?) but this doesn't open either.

I'm running version 2.0.0, 6e47f74

PS I am new to this (score writing and Musescore), so I'm probably doing something wrong somewhere.

Many thanks,


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Here and Now April 6.mscz 38.34 KB


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