No chord transposition. Help!

• May 28, 2015 - 11:09

I've written a score that have a melody and chords symbols.
I want to give the part to a tenor saxophonist.
I change instrument in the staff properties and choose tenor sax.
The score is transposed ok (key, notes...), but the chord symbols no.
Is it a bug?


Hmm, there seems to be a bug here. Pretty sure this worked at once time. May have broken as a result of some other bug fix. I have submitted a bug report #62341: Chord symbols don't transpose when changing instrument/transposition in staff properties.

Workaround: instead of using staff properties to change instrument, transpose using Notes / Transpose. Or just pressing F2 twice. Or, switch to concert pitch mode before changing instruments, then switch concert pitch off afterwards.

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