Changing Fonts and Other Text settings

• Oct 19, 2008 - 07:18

Regarding the F2 panel that pops up - I've figured out how to use it but it can't be moved and covers the text edit blue box unless I remember to roll up or down the score to a position where the F2 box won't cover it. Is this something that is/will be worked on as its really annoying to go through the process and then not being able to see what you are typing and having to start again.
On this same F2 box point, do the big Up and Down arrows (in circles) actually do anything?


Good point about the F2 panel covering the score. When the F2 panel is open you can still move about the score using the Navigator window. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse that also works.

The big Up and Down arrows in the F2 panel are superscript and subscript. They work the same way as the other icons in the top row.

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Thanks. I'm working on a laptop - no mouse - when I want to move the score I've just been double tapping the touch pad and moving by sliding finger around wherever needed - sideways,up and down - (like double clicking and holding the second click). When I do this the panel goes away and the edit box. Now I've just tried the scroll section on the touchpad and it moves the score without the panel disappearing. I can live with that.
The 2 arrows - when I tried them I just thought the print was off line 'cause I was messing about with different fonts and font sizes anyway.

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I've just been thinking about it a bit more - could not the panel be attached to the right side of the window - up and down rather than in the middle? A bit like the palette but on the other side.

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