Separate Style settings for part extraction

• Jan 21, 2011 - 19:30

There's several things that I have to set after extracting a part from a score:

- Portrait page orientation (I like the scores in Landscape)
- Multi-measure rests (I don't create multimeasure rests in scores, but do in parts)
- The scaling factor
- Whether or not in concert key (I always want the parts transposed for the instrument)

I'm sure there's others, but you get the idea. If I could set up these preferences in the score differently for extracted parts, then when I do extract the parts, there'd be much less cleanup work to do before the part is ready to print.

Does this make sense?


Yes, it definitely makes sense to me. Apparently, one of the main areas of developments for the next major release (eg, the one *after* the imminent 1.0) has been linked parts - the ability to have changes in the score automatically reflect in the parts. My hope is that along with that will come improvements like the ones you suggest. Something like Finale's separate "Page Format For Score" versus "Page Format For Parts" dialogs.

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