OS 10.6.6 maybe?

• Mar 11, 2011 - 21:18


I'd been using MuseScore 1.0 with OS 10.4 on a PPC Mac. I just upgraded to 10.6.6 on an Intel machine, and when I try to load my scores, they're unreadable. I also can't start a new score. Solutions I've tried:

•I re-downloaded and installed MuseScore 1.0
•I verified my fonts, and trashed a few questionable ones.

I'll attach a screenshot of what I'm looking at now--the music is not supposed to be avant garde! :)

Thank you,
Steven Arntson

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For simplicity's sake I created a new score and typed a few random notes into it. I've attached that file and also a screen grab showing what it looks like on my screen.

Something I discovered: I opened one of my messed-up scores and hit "play"--and the music plays correctly, even though the display is so strange. So the data is in there, and the machine knows it . . . it just doesn't look right.

Thank you!
Steven Arntson

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Thank you for checking! I am mystified. My printer is a Brother MFC-8680DN. I was using it on my old Mac, too, but maybe it could be an interaction between the new OS, that printer, and MuseScore 1.0? I'll try uninstalling the printer, and see if that makes a difference.

(Bye the way, sorry my replies are so slow--I have irregular time for the Internet!)


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