Dotting the shortest note rest

• Feb 5, 2011 - 02:37

I won't go into the lengths of note values :D. It occurred to me that halving notes is an infinite process. In MuseScore currently, there's a problem with this.

An example is clicking on a 128th note rest and dotting it - 256th note rests should appear, but it produces something else I suspect isn't correct? This will mean a corruption in timing.

What would be recommended in order to deal with this issue?


1. Create a 4/4 piano score.
2. Create a triplet based on a hemidemisemiquaver rest.
3. Still in note entry, add a note to the quasihemidemisemiquaver rest.

Result: A quasihemidemisemiquaver appears and there's no stem (the note head has been submerged).

Note that I cannot select other values either.

Here's an example score .

Using MuseScore 1.0 and 2.0 nightly build - Mac 10.4.11.

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