Octave higher

• Feb 3, 2012 - 17:24

Just wondering how to change a bar so everything is an octave higher.
I want to change whole bars, but I also want to know how to do it with just one note, thanks


Just select the notes (or the entire measure) you want to adjust and press ctrl-uparrow for octave up, or ctrl-down for octave down. No need to transpose.

Hold the shift key down while selecting the first and last notes in the bar. Then hold down Ctrl and press the up or down arrow key to adjust the notes to the proper octave.

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I have an 11-year old MacBook Pro and usually have no problems with it using MuseScore. I tried the Ctrl-Up arrow but instead of moving a note an octave higher it split to show all open windows. The arrows I'm guessing you're talking about are the 4 arrows on the bottom right of the keyboard that indicate four directions: up, down, right, left. I don't see anything else that looks like an arrow, but these are not moving an octave higher.

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