Slash Notation

• Sep 22, 2016 - 04:33

Hey guys and gals! I'm trying to write out a chord chart in 6/8, but would like the slashes to be on 8th notes instead of dotted quarters. Right now when I fill with slashes it gives me dotted quarter slashes. I'd like to have 6 slashes per measure rather than 2.
Any way to edit this?



In reply to by Sarah Anderson

Assuming you are wanting the same thing - 6 eighth note slashes - this actually is pretty simple. Use Tools / Fill With Slashes on one measure, then select the first dotted quarter slash, press the eighth note button/shortcut to change it to an eighth, and press "R" five times to repeat it and fill the measure. Now select the measure and press "R" as desired to repeat that.

FWIW, though, in most cases I wouldn't recommend doing this - two dotted quarters is a much more musically accurate and also more space-efficient way of representing time in 6/8.

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