Autoplay option for compositions

• May 31, 2012 - 02:15

MIDI files sound pretty bad on my Windows 7 computer, so I prefer to use MuseScore's excellent internal synthesizer and play my pieces as .MSCZ files. Is there a command line parameter that would open a file in MuseScore and start it playing automatically? If there is, I could easily edit my registry to add a "Play" option for .MSCZ files in Explorer's right-click menu. The Open option already exists by association.

For example, MIDI files are made to play automatically in Windows Media Player through the command: "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /Play "%L", where %L is the placeholder for the MIDI file's path and file name.


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I don't see anything about automatic playback there, so that seems like a nice feature request.

But I might suggest a different approach. If you're starting with a MIDI file, there is really nothing special about MuseScore's playback - all it is doing is sending the info off to its own version of the Fluidsynth player, using whatever soundfont you have specified. There are other free standalone players that can use soundfonts. I believe VLC is the program I have used to play MIDI files using my soundfont of choice.

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Thanks. I guess I could explore that option, although from what I've experienced so far, the tempi of MuseScore compositions have never made it into the MIDI files I've created, while an .MSCZ file always reflects the tempo I've indicated. MIDI files always seem to play at MuseScore's default tempo of 120 BPM.

The other advantage of playing pieces through MuseScore is that I can watch the notes go by while I'm listening. Naturally I'd only be able to share my compositions with MuseScore users, but I never share them, anyway -- some people might want to scold me for that. ;)

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Thanks! I had just logged in to post a correction when I read your comment. I had been adjusting the tempo in the play panel, which saved the changes correctly, but gave no instructions to the MIDI software (or anyone reading the score for that matter). Now the tempi are properly reflected in MIDI files.

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