Continuous Pedal mark?

• Dec 10, 2016 - 07:24

I want to insert a continuous pedal mark.


I am trying to enter the ABRSM Jazz Grade 2 piece 'Contemplation'.
There is a 'con. Ped.' mark under the first measure.

I attach a scan.

How can I do this in Musescore?

Continuous pedal mark.jpg Continuous pedal mark.jpg


I feel as if taking bait; that is to say, a bit fishy.
As with contemplation meaning with the temple/with thought, con pedal means with pedal. Well, most likely. Not necessarily. You see, it's all in the interpretation.

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I'm pretty certain that instruction should be read as the standard Italian con Pedale. The playback of the CD track sounds like the performer used the sostenuto pedal generously, but I don't think it was held down continuously throughout the entire piece.

As to the slurs, these would be phrasing marks to tell the performer how to attack each note. I am not a real pianist (studied it for a short time many, many years ago), but I believe keyboard attack and pedal use are independently variable.

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