Move a hairpin end point using mouse

• Dec 19, 2016 - 04:38

Unexpected behaviour encountered: For a few weeks I was using my mouse to drag the end of a hairpin. I noticed that the end anchor did not move, but I thought nothing of it. It was only today that I discovered that I should have been using Shift+→

Request to improve user experience by making behaviour more user intuitive:
- Please move the anchor of a selected hairpin end point when dragged using the mouse.


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"For sure it is inconsistent with how MuseScore deals with al(most all?) other elements."

My suggestion is that if it were made consistent, then the user experience would be improved.

The shorter we can make the user manual, then the more intuitive the software will be?

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I prefer elements to keep their anchors in place unless the user deliberately changes it. For hairpins I think they are perfect. I don't like the idea of me inadvertently moving things around when doing something mildly clumsy with the mouse.

I don't actually understand how this works with dynamics. Their anchors jump sometimes upon very small displacements; sometimes even to the staff below (if there are ledger lines below the staff the marking belongs to and one moves the marking out of the way). Yet I don't hear that changed anchor position in playback. (In 1.x. the anchors were much less mobile).

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