First Galician translation

• Nov 16, 2008 - 18:28


I've translated MuseScore into Galician. The development page on this site explains how to translate the messages but not how to submit new translations! That's why I'm attaching the translated .ts file here. If this is not what I'm expected to do, please tell me how to proceed.


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I've finished translating all the pages. I expected them to become book pages automatically, but they don't. This means you can't navigate through the links on the pages. Apparently, they should hang from a "book" called "Manual" but I don't think I can create it.

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Hi Xosé,

Great work, but you were too fast ;-) For the book pages, I still needed to make the Galician manual. That way they would have been appended to the manual by default. But, no worries. I'll fix it.

You will see that the menu pages are now all added (except for the handbook):
I'll start adding the handbook pages as well. But it will take some time before it is finished.

Once finished, the Galician handbook will be added to the MuseScore package in pdf format.

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