To simply transpose upscale by a perfect fifth

• Jul 23, 2012 - 05:33


I have just transcribe a simple score with just one instrument and no sharps or flats in the key signature and no accidentals.

But I find that the piece is usually played a fifth higher than what I have written.

So I just want to raise every note by a perfect fifth and have musescore change the key signature and leave the score without accidentals.

The glossary of the Handbook discusses transposition, but the handbook doesn't seem to explain how to actually do the transposition.

So what is the best way to do this simple job?

Thank you.
version 1.2, openSuse
Thank you for using Qt to build musescore!


Actrl-A to select all, then Notes->Transpose. Either selct the new key or tell it to go up a perfect fifth. e sure the option to transpose key signature is selected.

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Thank you, Marc. That was easy.

Now does anyone agree or disagree that this is short enough and easy enough and useful enough that it should be covered in the handbook? The following assumes the handbook that came with version 1.2.

Offhand, I would move most of the "definition" of transposition from the glossary into the text, and add mention of Notes->Transpose.

I put "definition" in quotes because the existing text is really more of an explanation than a definition.

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Yes, this is one fo the (too many) things not currently covered in the handbook. I believe there is a push to rewrite the handbook for 2.0, but people have been adding pages for 1.2 too. If you are interested in trying your hand at this, you might try posting in the Documentation forum.

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Also, note that if you want to transpose the whole score, you don't need to highlight anything. Just choose "Transpose" under "Notes" in the main menu. MuseScore will tell you that nothing has been selected, and will ask whether you want to transpose the whole score. Once you confirm that, you'll get the transposition dialog.

Of course, this is with Version 1.2. Maybe 2.0 does it differently. I've only run a nightly build once, and not long enough to try it out on a score, because it was misbehaving on my system (Windows 7 x86).

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