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• Jan 20, 2017 - 01:19

I have just started to use the Import PDF function. There is no reference to this in the Handbook so it is a bit difficult to know what to do when you strike a problem. I have submitted one file which downloaded successfully within several minutes. The second file I tried was flagged as Unsuccessful almost immediately. The third file has been Queued for over an hour. Can you advise the requirement for a PDF to be successfully.


My advice FWIW - forget about it.

Indeed the handbook should state (as does Marc Sabatella's book, "Mastering MuseScore") that the Import PDF function provides an experimental service (via that "attempts" to convert a PDFfile to a Music XML file using the optical recognition software Audiveris ("attempts" being the operative word here).

Audiveris has an ambitious goal and will, no doubt, improve over time, but it sets itself a very difficult task and right now (at least in my experience) currently works so rarely as to be of little or no practical use. When it does produce output it's usually a scrambled mess that needs a huge amount of manual edting to put right. Frankly, I've given up trying to use it and when the need arises, now just enter the music from scratch by hand - IMHO that's ultimately by far the most efficient method right now.

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For what it is worth, I have succeeded in using muescore import on several simple pieces. It would a wonderful asset if it could be made reliable. I made several attempts with a more complex piece an eventually after enhancing the PDFs, had it accepted, but the download was useless. I then took the same piece and laboriously copied it by hand into Muescore and exported as PDF. This PDF was then submitted and very quickly returned a faultless download. So it seems that the problem is not with the complexity of the music but the manner of presentation.

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